Love just is

Love is free, liberated, bursting with joy

Let go of the limitations you have placed on love.

Feel love, don’t try to suppress it.

Love is unlimited, boundless. We can feel love flowing towards so many people, animals, living and non-living beings. We can feel love towards ourselves.

There is no need to curtail love by defining it.

The energy you spend in holding on to someone, is better spent in expressing and receiving love.

Let go of the possessiveness you feel. You cannot love when you possess.

Love just is, though we can express it in action.

Love just is, though our connections can reveal it to us.

Love  just is, though our feelings can shine our light on it.

Love just is, though the objects of our love reflect it back to us.

Love just is, though giving and receiving can bring its fragrance into our life.

Let love. That is all there is. Be love. That is all we are. The heart beats in every pore of our being.


Sweetfire-Nicole Mizoguchi

Sweetfire-Nicole Mizoguchi


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