12:12:12 A day in Life – Share your Story

121212 ord day extra journeywholeness

12/12/12 December 12 2012. A day that is calling out to many of us in many ways.
Even an ordinary day can become extraordinary when shared.
A pattern started with 01-01-01 that will not be repeated. As a blogger pointed out, we do not have 13 months in the Gregorian calendar, so there will be no 13-13-13 for instance.
What are you planning to do? What did you do? Post your thoughts, links here to your blog, videos, website or anywhere where you have shared about 12:12:12

A link to global events for 12/12/12 being collated by Gaia ~ Planetary Consciousness

3 thoughts on “12:12:12 A day in Life – Share your Story

  1. Soaking in the energies of 12/12/12. Beautiful day of meditation and visualization and prayer. Peace on Earth and love for our Mother Earth and all her beloved life of One. Namaste.


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