Connect to Love

spiderweb copyright compThis is a month for connecting with people you love

They may be related to you by ties of blood or society , but they may not. They will be related to you by threads of love and light.This is love that needs no action or feeling, but it is love that is unshakeable, the very essence of your being.

These connections may have come to you through facebook or other online media, through global meditations or projects, or even through a glance at someone at work, a metro, tube, or on the street.
Your eyes meet, your hearts connect, and you know, and it is enough.These connections have been taking place all our lives, but we may block them if they do not fit into our dogmas or ideas of relationships.
Free yourself from dogma and flow into the sigma of all the meanings in your relationships.This is the time that all who flow into the ocean of loving connection will begin the transformation of the world.

Together, we are on a Healing~ Journey into Wholeness

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