Be present in this momentous month

Journal, write a diary, record the thoughts, inspirations,ideas, intentions  that  come to you, in this momentous month. This is a month when an ancient, thousands-of years-old Maya calendar ended its recording so that a new one may be begun.

Be present in this momentous month. In thought and word and deed.

This is a month for which lightworkers gathered for hundreds of years.
This is a time for which earth angels began congregating into soul families.
At this time, we greet the rainbow warriors, the soldiers of peace, the celebrators of  compassionate justice.
These are days of global meditation, gratitude, healing, celebration, festivity.
Record the places you go to, the people you meet, the ones who leave and the ones who arrive. Listen to heart, listen from heart, speak with heart.

Be present in this momentous month. Together.

This is the pulsating Now which has always been, is, and will be.

Be present in this momentous month. Now.

For an age dawns that is Sattya, Truth, Golden, new. It is imbued with the wisdom of ancients, the freshness of newborn, the resonance, hopes,dreams and visions of the purest essence of all elements, things, beings on Mother Earth:  of Gaia.

It is an age of  knowing our connection, dissolving personal boundaries and the re-connection of our soul elements, of the convergence of parallel paths. This is a time of  dissolving  jobs into divine purpose, seeing the response-ability in our duties, the unity in our diversity.

Write, speak, be aware this month. Anchor it in the pathways of memory. A new set of akashic records are coming to light.

Be present in this momentous month. To Self

2 thoughts on “Be present in this momentous month

  1. Everything is shifting to wisdom.We are embracing a new consciousness within our awareness.I do not prescribe to the idea of the end of the world. But rather the end of a cycle. The new cycle will support man kind to embrace unconditional love within our accepted ideas as how to solve the apparent problems of life on this planet.So as the awareness is acted upon man kind will start to create a better understanding of the power of love and reject the idea of the love of power for the few.We will then start to build a more equal world of brotherhood and implement a fare system so all can support the evolution of the human consciousness.
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