Dhan ~ Prosperity and well-being

Today many people celebrate Dhanteras, the thirteenth day of the waning moon, just two days before Deepavali, the festival of lights.

Today, is 11:11 a portal that has been opened by lightworkers, not to be closed again

Today is 11/11 a day being celebrated as ONE Day to breathe together. There may not be a billion online, but millions in the world realize that we breathe together as one.

Today, another insight into the spiritual story of money came to me. Money has always flown where it will, with no seeming spiritual purpose. Lightworkers, monks, people of piety have shunned it. People lost in the mires of maya [illusion] have craved and sought it. We have defined people by their possession of money or the lack thereof. Rich, poor. We have vilified and blessed money but few have been able to step out of its flow.

Yet the Goddess Lakshmi has always been associated with wealth and prosperity of all kinds.  She is prayed and her blessings sought by many. So has the Lord Kubera, on his mountain of wealth.

Today, lightworkers as healers and teachers are reeling in the line of money that had been sent out as a light to those who had ventured deep into the darkness. We are being asked not to shun it but to accept it as blessing. Not to focus on it either as something to seek or something to avoid, but to engage in activities that use money as the simplest form of energy exchange.

Corporations where healers went to earn a livelihood since their healing work did not offer them that privilege, closed down. Jobs were lost. The need for healing was not.

So this is a message to all who have been given the gifts of healing, and it is open to all. Offer healing sessions where once you hid your gifts in plain sight, and accept the blessing of money, however much or little may come. When I am given money for healing sessions now, a blessing goes forth – May it be increased a thousand-fold. It doesn’t matter if it is one cent or a hundred. What matters is that a person reaches out to another not for an empty conversation but for a deeper connection, to flow together into healing. One serves, one receives, and then shows gratitude with the exchange of an energy that has been given to us as money. When they part after a session, each feels that we have received, each feels that we have served.

Healers and lightworkers are feeling simultaneously a call for their healing work and a call from their families to walk on earth. Accepting dhan we can do both. In doing so we are helping to reel in those who had lost the knowing that it is not money that brings happiness, but the places where it flows to and where it flows from.

On this blessed day of many sacred energies, a portal has been opened. It will not be closed. As Swami Shraddhasudhasharananda said, all we need to do, is open our palms to receive. It is an energy that is ever-flowing from the source of all on earth.

What is flowing is not money. It is abundance. What is powering it is not greed. It is  love.


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