Let go ~ Be Grateful ~ Visualize your dream – A Daily Exercise

A quick recipe for transforming your energy. Do this every day. You will begin to attract particles of happiness and dispel particles of sadness.

Let go ~ Be Grateful ~ Visualize your dream

1. LET GO – Every night, LET GO FOR-GIVE: yourself, others, the world, for all the pain that has been experienced and given out that day. Let go of mistakes made by you and others, hurt caused by you and others, and begin to breathe out the pain you are harboring within you.  Breathe out each of the forgive-able thoughts that arise in your mind, seeing them with compassion. Then let them go into the light.

Let go ~Let Flow ~ Let Love~ Every Moment
2. BE GRATEFUL – Every morning, GIVE THANKS – to yourself, others, the world,  the universe for all the blessings that are around.  They can be small, like a lovely fragrance, or large, like a family. Whatever comes up, let it well out of you.  You may be surprised at  what comes up when you surrender to the things that you are grateful for. If nothing comes up spontaneously follow the old adage of counting your blessings. Then let the thanks go out into the world, touching all that receive it with joy. Choose at least FIVE things to be grateful for.
3. VISUALIZE YOUR DREAM: Every mid-morning, afternoon, or early evening, walk in the sun, soak up some healthy Vitamin D if you can, or go into a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed, and VISUALIZE. Envision yourself in a garden, a world where you are happy. To reach this world, you have let go of all expectations – I wish, I want, even: I hope.  Look around you. You may see a world you have seen in dream or daydream. Or, it may be completely different. Open, receive. Feel the blessing.
 The key to this space is gratitude. You will know you are there, by the joy that you experience. It has happened. It is here. It is now. Feel, touch, taste, smell, see this world, the people here, animals, plants, scene, things… allow them in, accept them, open to receiving their gift, given freely.Become completely happy.
You are ready for it. You deserve it.Then, gathering these in your heart, begin to step out of this dream reality, into the reality of everyday life. Bring the happiness of these gifts with you and let them out into the world.

Do this every day, friend. You will be surprised by the way your life will improve.

Let go ~ Be Grateful ~ Visualize your dream

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