Fall in love ~ spring into gifting

You, my dear, are a gift to the universe
even more precious than you yet know

the world, my dear, is a gift to you
even more abundant than you yet know

this life, my dear, is a gift of the Gods
so the world and you may give to each other

these gifts, my dear, are countless, beyond measure
all expressed in one word – love

Fall in love, my dear, with yourSELF
and know the everlasting gifting of spring

laugh my dear, at the gift of the seasons
that fall into autumn as they leap into spring

A session of healing is a gift of the universal healer to all involved
Gift a session to yourself or a friend.

6 thoughts on “Fall in love ~ spring into gifting

  1. ღღღ At first glance the poem offers such simplicity and in reading it over and over there are times when we are our most neglected friend. Thanks for this reminder of when we go for abundance, it’s easier to give back. Namaste


  2. Fantastic is all I can say. This aptly tells all that each individual is precious, unique and is a gift of God to the universe. Lovely.


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