In Silence and Words

When you see this scene, do you look at what is lit up, what is in the shadows, or everything at once?

Where is your attention drawn?
Where does your eye linger?
What aspects speak to you?
Which are shrouded in silence?

What would you do in this space?

What we see outside reveals so much of what is within us.
What is outside is spoken, what is inside is not.
Is one more important than another?

The Buddha, they say, did not speak of God, a Supreme Deity, a Creator
What are we to make of everything he spoke of and what he did not?
Are words spoken more important or words unspoken?

Allow the questions to wash over you on their journey to the answers
They are not important in themselves. Allow them to open up new pathways into yourself.

Enjoy the journey

originally posted in Healing~ Journey into Wholeness September 3 2011

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