Watching the child watching you

Parents and teachers are usually focused on whether or not a child can be trusted.
Don’t forget – the child is also watching you to see how far you can be trusted.

Your children are absorbing much about you:
Do you keep your word?
Do you listen?
Do you really listen?

Do you have balance between having a life and allowing them theirs? Do you know how to enjoy yourself or are you burdening the child through unhealthily living through them?

If they call you when they’re in trouble, will you rush to help or first stop to criticize?

Do you really want them to be happy now or would you rather they lived for their future? If you hear them laughing, will you rush to remind them to study?

The old saying about four fingers pointing back at you when you point at another, holds true even more for the child who has come to make his or her way into the world.

Are you by the children’s side, or in their way? Do you have their back or are you at their back?
Is it more important for you to teach them what you know, however imperfect it may be, or to really know the person who is growing and changing every day?

Within you is an inner child. What is s/he watching?


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