Reiki Master learns SuJok

In the healing system that is commonly called Reiki, or Usui Reiki, the healer is above all called to be a clear channel for Reiki, the universal healing energy for the highest good of all concerned. It is Reiki that has the energy, the intelligence to flow where it is needed, honoring the guidance of the receiver’s higher self, which decides whether and where and how to direct the flow. The Reiki healer asks the receiver the intention, and then states it as the session’s intention. It could be to remove a headache, or it could be to help a situation at home or at work.

From learning SuJok, I feel that I am flowing into the points, chakras and meridians where Reiki flows, even more deeply than before. I’m now seeing the meridians and chakras, the ones we know are all over the body, connecting it to the universe. In Sujok, we know that the Existence Spirit written as <<HIM>> directs all. In a healing session, the practitioner may give a command, and then hand over the treatment to the patient’s own brain or control systems. It is soul level healing brought to bodily ailments and energy imbalances.

Practically, I see that there is a learning and an experiential opportunity in the different systems of body correspondence. Ayurveda, yoga, reflexology – these and other systems have spoken of the way the body organs functionally correspond to each other.  That is the points on hands and feet, for instance, that can be stimulated to heal another part or organ of the body.They have not always pointed out the same places though, and this is where the practitioner’s own knowledge and consciousness can flow.. more as I learn and absorb.

Reiki services

Sujok healing

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