Right Relationship 正确的关系

Divine Union by Rassouli

With the energy of the new moon still pervading earth, go within in meditative state and re-connect to your divine essence
In that sacred, secure space you are at peace, joy, bliss
Examine your relationships from this space of compassion.
Family, elders, youngsters, peers, colleagues, friends, acquaintances
Online, offline, near and distant relationships
People departed, and present
Which relationships enable you to be in a sacred space? Which do not?

Do you allow love, receive love, give love or do you need attachment?
Space or hooks?
Threads of light or cords that bind?
Send healing light to all your relationships
What changes need to be made to come into a healing balance?
It is time to disengage to re-connect at a more harmonious level.

Relationships are not about ‘others’ but about ONEself. How do you relate to yourSELF?


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