Gaia is Calling

~瞑想 Each day, I am aware of the meditations and prayers that lift this planet and all its beings

~賢い Of sages in remote mountains who are deeply engaged in the affairs of humanity

~天使 Of guardian angels whose ministrations save us from calamities greater than any we might face

~フロー Of the flow of the universe, that we can sense and that is always fully aware

~大きさ Of the different dimensions that we flow in

~選択肢 And the choices we have, for what to focus on

~光を愛する On light and love and loving light

~母なる大地 Every day go within and connect to our Mother earth and all beings

~ガイア Gaia is calling


[Mar 11, 2008]

The Gaia Minute

2 thoughts on “Gaia is Calling

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