Messages メッセージは

Messages メッセージは

Look at the events in your life as a message
Visitors, words you read, slips of the tongue or words written, birds, animals, plants or other beings who cross your path.
There is a message in everything. It is you who can decipher it.
Trust your inner knowing, call on your angelic guides
What is the message today?



2 thoughts on “Messages メッセージは

    • First, get in touch with your inner knowing:What do you FEEL when you see an owl. Each time you see an owl, what do you feel?
      What do you SENSE? Is it the same sense each time or different?
      If nothing comes up, breathe in and out, and in a meditative state, look into this.
      Now, you are aware of your own inner knowing.
      THEN, read up on their meaning from different sources. There are books like Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, and a lot of information on the world wide web of wonder as I call it! When you read what someone has written, see what resonates with your own inner knowing. Then research it further. You never know where the research may take you! The message may be somewhere and the owls are leading you there!

      The answer is within…. we from the outside can only guide you to it. Not give it to you. That is the joy of our journey.


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