Wading in a river

You are grounded on the earth, centered in water, expanded to the beauty of forest around you. You have an animal friend with you and others in the water.

Senses all over your physical body open up worlds of knowing

Your feet in the water – what are they sensing?
Your toes on the stones – what are they sensing?
Your skin exposed to water and air – what is it sensing?
What do you hear? See? Smell? Taste?
Your muscles, tendons, bones- what do they sense?

Centered, grounded, expanded, go inward

Past, present, future open up into this moment
Everything that Mother Earth is saying can be heard
You can hear it in the beating of your heart, the presence of your breath, the silence of stillness

The feet can wade in the mists of ego but the self is ever in the joyful bliss of truth


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