Pathways of your life

There is a time you wake to the pathways of your body
To the processes that help you clear your toxins and imbibe nutrition
There comes a time when you wake to the toxic highways of unhealthy ways
Then you search for the ways to bring your meridians into balance
There is a time when you connect to your Mother Earth
She will heal, nurture and succour you
When you connect to her in surrender, in love, in gratitude
She will show you seeds, leaves, people and paths
To help you reach a new level of wholeness
~ meenakshiღ
Journey to Wholeness

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2 thoughts on “Pathways of your life

  1. True, our mother earth provides us with everything. Even our body and brain have superb functions. We do not care to listen to them including our inner voice. All are moving towards artificial happiness and forget the inner happiness. This is becoming the culture.


    • How strange, Sanmugan! I feel that people are moving in the other direction – towards a deeper connection with self. It may not be apparent to us, but that is because we are seeing with superficial eyes, and not the vision of the heart.


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