Thoughts flow through us: contradictory, unique, mundane

Allow them to blend

Not merge, not lose their difference

Blend to engage

What forms can thought produce with blending?

DNA strands twist and turn around each other: separate but together, producing breathtaking forms of life

Man and woman

Within each of us, masculine and feminine strands. What wonders they produce when allowed to blend

Two wholes blending into one

~ meenakshiღ

2 thoughts on “Blend

  1. Our body and brain have their own male female variations. Heart is placed on only one side. A scientist tells that there are three parts for our brain. One is reptilian and the other both appears to be man and woman. Even the brain functions also identically separated. Our thoughts come in and go out along with our breath. That is why saints tell nus to control our breath , so as to control the mind. We have our thought power and mind power to change and control even our DNA and our destiny too. Thanks for this inspiration.


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