Welcome to a beautiful journey into wholeness


~ Meenakshi Suri, 2002

At a bend in the path Connector awaits
‘Til the next traveler appears
To guide, explain, enlighten
Illumine the path and lighten a burden

For the shell-shocked or weary Connector is a refuge
For the uncertain wanderer the unswerving guide
For the caterpillar ready to transform, the alchemist who burns the dross
For the one who is asleep, the one who gently awakens

Who is Connector?
The master who teaches
The friend who assists
The child who pushes
The book that informs

Connector can be a sudden illumination
Or a moment of indescribable joy
A moment of oneness
With a person, an idea or song

Whence came Connector?
From the source of your inner voice
What caused it to arise now?
The need your inner voice to know
To what does Connector guide?
To the path that takes us home

The home we left a long time ago, but which never left us!

We are all inter-connected paths. Where does one path begin and another end?
And who are the connectors who link the paths to each other?
And what of the forest that is around us and of which we are a part?..
What joins us together? It is the energy of love. Divine, unconditional love.
Join us on this beautiful adventure in which the end and the beginning are one, and we move to reach whence we began…

©2015 Meenakshi Suri

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